Friday, September 12, 2014

WoE - our entry for js13kgames 2014

10 hours left before the deadline and we're through.

We submitted our game "WoE - War of Elements" for js13kgames this night. It's a multiplayer game you can play with your smart phone. But the fun thing is, you can sit near to each other, while playing agains each other.

To start a game just open a new room on you desktop computer or any device with a big screen (as long as it supports websockets :-)). Then you can join the game with your mobile phone.

Touch the screen and tap the circles before an other player can tap it. The first player to 10 points will win the round.

WoE is a prototype using node.js and to run. It looks like a prototype and sometimes it feels like one. But it's a good start.

And you can find the code at github:

Update: You can now play the game at the js13kgames website: